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RCBH College of Health Careers announces Summer-Fall GED courses
Yuma, Arizona.- The Regional Center for Border Health, Inc./ College of Health Careers is proud to announce the Summer-Fall GED classes for all those residents in Yuma and La Paz Counties, in order to give them all the skills they need to achieve a professional career and a better future for their families. According to Ms. Amanda Aguirre, former Arizona State Senator and current President & CEO of Regional Center for Border Health, Inc./College of Health Careers, all those who qualify for the benefits of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program formerly known as Food Stamps are eligible to receive a scholarship of up to 50% of the tuition cost. The College of Health Careers has bilingual Instructors and Mentors who will conduct the classes in English or Spanish, to support students so they can continue their careers, said Ms. Aguirre. Ms. Lorena Delgadillo, College of Health Careers Campus Administrator, said students who enroll in GED classes or in any of CHC programs have the benefits enlisted as follows: -Vehicle Repair/Bicycle purchase (up to $500) -ChildCare assistance (up to $300) -Utility/Housing Payment Assistance (up to $300) -Cellphone/Laptop Purchase (up to $800) -Transportation (Gas Card, Bus Card) (up to $100) “Also, we provide them with all the assistance they may need so no one can be left behind,” Ms. Delgadillo added. Classes will be available in-person and on-line, so people have convenient access to GED education and careers available. “We are here to support and assist the families in our communities so they can have all the opportunities to achieve their professional goals and have a better quality of life,” Ms. Aguirre stated, and added, “because, as I always tell students; if you don’t succeed, we don’t succeed.” For more information about the GED Classes, please contact the College of Health Careers at (928) 315-7600. ### Media Contact: Alex Bejarano, Community Liaision & Public Relations Director 928-315-7910 /

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