Direct Care Worker Training


The Direct Care Worker is a 4-week program of full time instruction with a total of 100 clock hours. The program trains students on how to safely assist long term care patients with activities of daily living to include bathing, ambulation, transfers, oral hygiene, dressing, and eating. Students will be able to acquire the skills necessary to obtain a Direct Care Worker certification. This Program is licensed by Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS) and license by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education.


All interested participants must submit a completed admission application.

  • Participants must read a 7th grade level and 6th grade math level.
  • Score 7.0 in reading and 6.0 in math, on the Test for Adult Basic Education (TABE)
  • No GED or high school diploma is required.
  • 17 years of age or older
  • Students must have the ability to fully participate in classroom, laboratory, or clinical setting program activities.
  • Ability to pay or qualify for sponsorship from area employment partners/governmental agencies.
  • Students will test for the Direct Care Worker certification

*The Direct Care Worker program and exam are available in Spanish.


To graduate from the Direct Care Worker Program the student must:

  • Pass all required programs of study
  • File a completed application for graduation
  • Clear any indebtedness to the training center


A total of 100 clock hours which includes, 75 lecture, and 25 lab hours.


Clock Hours: 0 Lecture
Students will be provided an overall orientation of Regional Center for Border Health, Inc./College of Health Careers and complete required student file forms. During this orientation, students will be provided a short overview of the course. Orientation to the computer lab and online medical library PubMed will be provided.

Lifestyle Management

Clock Hours: 15 Lecture
This program will provide participants with practical knowledge of life skills management and how these skills impact their personal life and the workplace. Topics covered include: Self Esteem of the Patient, Self Image of the Patient, Basic Anatomy and Physiology, Assistant of Self Management of the Patient, Patient Time Management, Goal Setting and Getting Organized for Nursing Home Patients.

Job Responsibilities

Clock Hours: 5 Lecture
This program will provide participants with complete instructionandknowledgeofon-the-jobresponsibilities and tasks to perform on a regular workday guided by program policies and procedures and patient safety. Students will learn topics/skills such as: Punctuality, Patient Safety, ADLs, Food Preparation & Nutrition, housekeeping, and culture competency.

Customer Service

Clock Hours: 10 Lecture
This program will provide participants with practical knowledge and skills on effective customer service and customer satisfaction. Topics include: Sociability, Attitude, Communication, Environment, Menu Design, Table Setting.


Clock Hours: 15 Lecture
This program will provide participants with practical knowledge and opportunity to apply the interpersonal skills crucial to working with coworkers and others effectively. Topics covered include: Character, Sociability, Attitude, Communication, Respect, Cooperation, Commitment, Dependability/Punctuality, Conflict Resolution and Leadership.

Health Education

Clock Hours: 15 Lecture
To provide participants with education on the importance of nutrition in relation to chronic disease prevention and control. This program will also raise awareness of lifestyle choices, culture and portion control in the improvement of overall wellness. Topics covered include Nutrition, Childhood Obesity, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, and Diabetes.

Skills / Lab

ClockHours: 25 Lab
Participants will practice safety, hand washing techniques, removal and disposal of exam gloves, bed bath, oral care, assistance with dressing and eating, positioning in bed, transfers, mechanical lift, and assisting with ambulation.


Clock Hours: 15 Lecture
This program will provide participants with the practical knowledge and skills necessary to obtain satisfactory employment. Topics include: Work Preference and Interest Inventory, Analyzing Transferable Skills, Career Exploration, Creating a Portfolio, Applications, applying for a Job, Dress for Success and The Job Interview (Mock Interview).


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