Nutrition and Food Services Management


The Nutrition and Food Service Management is a 10-week, 360 hour program which will provide participants with the practical knowledge and skills to obtain satisfactory employment in the food service industry and the training and certification needed to operate a safe food establishment. This program is licensed by the Arizona State Board for Private Postsecondary Education.


On completion of this program, students will demonstrate an understanding of employment and career opportunities in the food service industry and acquire the skills necessary to obtain ServSafe certification and entry-level employment.


Nutrition and Food Service Management program has no prerequisites. The student has to complete 80 hours of required program of study and 280 hours of practicum/internship in order to be eligible for graduation.


A total of 360 clock hours which includes 240 lecture, and 120 externship.


All interested participants must submit a completed admission application.

  • No GED or high school diploma is required.
  • 18 years of age or older.
  • Students must have the ability to fully participate in classroom, laboratory, or clinical setting program activities.
  • Students will test for the ServSafe National Certification.
  • This course is offered in English and Spanish.


Clock Hours: 0 Lecture
Students will be provided an overall orientation of Regional Center for Border Health, Inc./College of Health Careers and complete required student file forms. During this orientation, students will be provided a short overview of the course. Orientation to the computer lab and online medical library PubMed will be provided.

Lifestyle Management, Nutrition and Self Esteem

This program will provide participants with practical knowledge of life skills management and the impact on personal life and the workplace. Topics covered include: Self Esteem, Self Image, Attitude, Self Management, Time Management, Goal Setting and Getting Organized.

Clock hours Award:          40 lecture hours                                                                                         Prerequisites:                   Orientation

Job Responsibilities

This program will provide participants with complete instruction and knowledge of on-the-job responsabities and tasks to perform on a regular workday guided by program policies and procedures. The program will work with the Somerton Main Street Cafe Emloyee Policies & Procedures and will discuss topics such as: Punctuality, Opening & Closing Shop, Taking Orders, Cash Register Opening/Closing, Money Handling, Food Preparation and Service, Ordering, Receiving, Inventory & Storing, Cleaning up and Food Handler's Card. 

Clock hours Award:          8 lecture hours                                                                                         Prerequisites:                   Lifestyle Managment, Nutrition, Self-Esteem

Kitchen Management + Kitchen Practice

Participants learn and apply practical knowledge relating to nutritious, safe food to be served to customers. Participants will learn and apply practical knowledge about every step in the process by which goods and serices are brought into the food service operation.  Sanitation and safety policies will be covered relating to food handling and cleanliness of the food service.

Clock Hours Award:          16 Lecture hours 10 lab hours                                                Prequisites:                       Job Responsibilties 

Menu & Recipe Planning, Analyzing Meals, Customer Service 

This program will provide participants with practical knowledge on menu planning, recipe preparation, food portions and food preparation and presentation. Topics covered include: Understanding Recipes, Menu planning, Food Preparation and Presentation and Main Street Café-Deli Menu Preparation.

Clock Hours Award:     24 Lecture hours 8 lab hours                                                     Prequisites:                 Kitchen Management + Kitchen Practice 

Customer Service

This program will provide participants with practical knowledge and skills of effective customer service and customer satisfaction.Topics include: Sociability, Attitude, Communication, Environment, Menu Design, Table Setting, Food Presentation and Service Etiquette.

Clock Hours Award:          40 Lecture hours                                                                    Prequisites:                     Menu & Recipe Planning, Analyzing Meals Customer Service

Teamwork and Visiting Facilities 

This program will provide participants with practical knowledge and opportunity to apply the interpersonal skills crucial to working with coworkers and others effectively. Topics covered include: Character, Sociability, Attitude, Communication, Respect, Cooperation, Commitment, Dependability/Punctuality, Conflict Resolution and Leadership.

Clock Hours Award:          16 Lecture hours 6 lab hours                                                Prequisites:                    Customer Service 

Health Education & CPR

To provide participants with education on the importance of nutrition in relation to chronic disease prevention, raise awareness of lifestyle choices, culture and portion control to improve overall wellness.

Topics covered include Nutrition, Childhood Obesity, Obesity, Cardiovascular Disease, and Diabetes.

Clock Hours Award:          16 Lecture hours 6 lab hours                                                Prequisites:                     Team Work, Visiting Facilities 

ServSafe Certification

This program will provide participants knowledge and training needed to operate a sanitary and safe food establishment through ServSafe Certification. Topics covered include: The Sanitation Challenge, The Flow of Food Through the Operation, and Sanitary Facilities & Pest Management.

Clock Hours Award:          16 Lecture hours                                                                   Prequisites:                       Health Education & CPR 

Career Development

This program will provide participants with practical knowledge and skills necessary to obtain satisfactory employment. Topics include: Work Preference and Interest Inventory, Analyzing Transferable Skills, Career Exploration, Creating a Portfolio, Applications, Applying for Jobs, Dress for Success and The Job Interview (Mock Interview).

Clock Hours Award:          16 Lecture hours 18 lab hours                                                Prequisites:                       Health Education & CPR 



Participants will have hands-on experience on: HACCP Methods and Understandings of how to implement proper methods in food temperature and labeling. In addition, students will be acquainted with working in a traditional restaurant setting practicing plate decoration, customer service, dealing with difficult customer, cashier/register, taking, reading, and completing orders.

Clock Hours Award:          120 Lecture hours                                                                Prequisites:                       Successfully completing all previous courses with a 75% or higher                                                  score.  Successfully completing all required externship                                                                   assignments/demonstations 


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